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Insideidea relation with client extends to not just giving one time solutions we remain a supporting factor behind their business success. We at Insideidea, by analyzing the complete requirements, problems, needed advantages etc... Prepare a comprehensive and objective analysis showcasing required Solutions for our client.

We practice 'win-win' approach with all our clients wanting to join us.

  • Web Solutions
  • ERP, CRM, HRM & SCM Solutions
  • Software Development Solutions
  • IMS & IFS
  • IT Staffing

Enterprise solutions

"Enterprise solutions" refers to business solutions for large corporations which have large networks.

Our Enterprise Solutions provide for a scalable, easy to manage programming solution to providing business management and information accessability for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the problem of providing information to clients both externally and internally. It deals with programming and databases. The main problem being how to most efficiently get our data accessable to those we want to access it. The solution have the following characteristics and more:

  • Security - Should be able to be sure information is not being stolen by those we don't want to have access to it.
  • Scalability - Should be able to accomodate an increase in clients.
  • Cost - Should be easy to program.
  • Management - Should provide ability to manage the implementation including version control software and software that helps manage team effort with reguard to providing the solution.
  • Portable - Should be able to accomodate changes in technology.

Therefore, in order for a business to properly choose an enterprise solutions, a proper requirements definition must be completed. All desired features along with priorities for each feature must be assigned in order to make a suitable decision.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility is redefining the workplace as the borders between personal and professional, home and office, device and application disappear. We deliver a borderless mobility experience that gives users access to the information and resources they need with the quality and performance they would get in a traditional corporate office.

Based on borderless network architecture and services,We optimize the mobile workplace with three key components: mobility user services, motion network services, and borderless access. It can:

  • Help you accelerate decision making
  • Enable employees to collaborate in real time regardless of their location
  • Help your mobile workforce better manage their professional and personal live


Insideidea offers Web content management consulting, delivery and support services that can bring order and control to your Web presence. We design and deliver creative Web content management solutions that shift responsibility of content maintenance from your IT staff to their content owners.

Insideidea has creats a complete line of CMS applications that have been specifically designed with non-technical staff in mind, ensuring the right people can manage the right content. Organizations benefit by enabling the creators of Web content (typically business professionals) to also become the publishers and managers of this Web content.

Content Manmagement Features we provide:

  • Search function
  • Print version function
  • Simple mailform & guestbook included
  • Easy installation
  • The contents of the site is stored in a single HTML-file
  • Uploading of images and files
  • Link validation
  • PHP-scripting within contents
  • Automatic backup on logo

Portal Solutions

Whether your project involves the creation of a city portal, a niche portal for an industry or special interest, an intranet, or an extranet, we can draw upon its expertise to minimize your initial capital outlays, minimize your deployment time, lower your operations costs, and increase your revenue opportunities.

Quality, professional portal solutions require a combination of sophisticated yet easy to use portal software applications and a sensible business model. When software compliments and supports practical business objectives, the combination inevitably results in a profitable and efficient e-business.

Business today demands that portal solutions provide a significant return on investment. Insideidea has chosen portal software solutions that deliver:

  • Affordable Licensing
  • Low Setup, Training, and Ongoing Operations Costs
  • Automated Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services
  • Numerous Revenue Generating Opportunities

Typically, we can apply our e-business solutions and portal consulting knowhow to launch online business activities within days or weeks, not months.

Insideidea provides numerous portal consulting services We excel as a technology partner because we practice what we preach. The company actually owns and operates portals, along with partnering in many commercial e-business ventures.